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Top Companies for Racing Shocks

In the world of racing shocks there are many different brands of shocks for the racer to choose from. The main companies are Ohlins, Afco, Bilstein, Penske, Koni, Integra, Pro Shock, and QA1. All of these companies have a unique way of doing things.

Ohlins is known for double adjustable gas shocks. They are almost 100% devoted to these. They utilize a nitrogen gas bag that is very similar to some of Afco shocks.

Afco makes many types of shocks from the M2, a double adjustable gas shock, all the way to a street style shock. Afco is very diverse in their selection to choose from. One of our favorites for IMCA modified is the steel rebuildable shock. They are good economical shocks that have the capability of performing as well as the best nitrogen shocks available.

Bilstein is also known for a wide variety of shocks, but their mono tube non-adjustable shocks are great for late models racing on smooth tracks. They do not utilize a canister but are nitrogen filled. They pose an advantage on smooth tracks because you are able to get a more consistent shock with the fixed valving.

Penske is a very similar design to the Bilstein shocks but there is not quite as large of a selection offered.

Koni shocks offer a wide variety of options and are best known for their drag racing and road racing shocks. They offer both twin tube design and the mono tube design.

Integra is a newer company and is mainly focused on the circle track racing. They are a very fast growing company in this area but I do not have a large amount of experience with them. We will have more to come on Integra as we see and work on them more in the future.

Pro Shock is a twin tube shock that is not serviceable due to Pro Shock not releasing parts. They do make a full line of late model and street style shocks.

QA1 is a company that has roots back to Carrera. They manufacture many types of shocks for most applications and are fairly easy to get parts for.

All of these companies have there strong suit and there niche. It depends on whether you are in to circle track, drag, off-road, or road racing as to which the best company is for you. RMB Racing is proud to be able to offer you a full selection of shocks from all of these manufactures. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your shock package. RMB Racing is home to Custom Shocks which is our in house shock service. We will make the shock package you need to take your team to the top. For more information please give us a call at 304-573-8836.

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